Maybe you’ve already heard about the founder of Standpoint Research, who has been giving fortune-making stock recommendations for the past 20 years. So, is he a billionaire or a humble mentor, staying in the shadow of his clients?

Moas was born in New York, but finished high school in Israel, where he moved with his family. After serving in Israeli army, he returned to New York in 1994. He got an education at Baruch College as a Master of Business Administration and started his career as a broker. He quickly became well-known in the world of the stock predictions thanks to developing his own 155-variable computer model.

“The computer model is my ‘secret sauce’. It allows me to crunch numbers on thousands of names in a matter of minutes and then I can focus on the names that rise to the top.”

His career of a bright finance advisor and his ability to make wealthy people much wealthier creates the impression that Ronnie Moas is a multi-billionaire. Well, this impression is absolutely false.

“I would not want to be seen in the same room as a billionaire. I am nauseated by the way they behave, I am nauseated by the amount of money they spend on themselves when we have people starving to death in this world,” – said Ronnie uncompromisingly.

While some choose to hoard their wealth, he has taken it upon himself to give to those less fortunate. Moas is closely involved in the work of Food for the Poor, one of the largest charity organizations in the US.

“Had anyone seen what I saw with my own eyes, not only the conditions these people live in, but the work that Food for the Poor does there, they would understand why I would take the shirt off my back for this charity and the poor,” – said he about his last charity trip to Haiti.

In 2017 Moas became famous for his accurate predictions on bitcoin – and, surprisingly, it turn out that he started to analyze the crypto market only six month ago.

“Someone told me to take a look at Ethereum and that weekend I ended up taking a look at Bitcoin as well and it only took me a few hours to realize what was going on there. I just pounced on it and since then I haven’t looked back.”