Turkish police has detained a gang of 5 crypto kidnappers. According to the local newspaper Habertürk, their first victim was a businessman, from whom they stole 450 BTC (about $3.4 mln).

The kidnappers have found their victim on a social network, where the man was displaying his luxury way of life and his beautiful bride. The evildoers have been tracking the businessman for some time and finally kidnapped him together with his notebook and other pieces of hardware.

“The criminals kept the victim captive for 8 hours in a micro autobus and threatened him with violence. They made him give them 450 BTC,” says the newspaper.

The businessman wrote a statement to the police, and the criminals have been found quite promptly. Moreover, they have even managed to trace the stolen digital coins.

One of the gang leaders has already been charged for extortion and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.