Bitcoin, being the most popular digital coin nowadays, is rapidly rising in price, which has made up the fortune for its early adopters, who purchased it a few years ago without any real belief in the future success.

In the early 2016 bitcoin’s price was somewhere about $400, and now it’s well above $5,000. So if you purchased then, let’s say, 5 bitcoins for $2,000, you could make now at least $27,500. So this would be a $25,500 profit in less than 2 years! Impressive, isn’t it?

Those who purchased this digital currency earlier, have made now even bigger profits. In January 2012 Bitcoin was only $6, so the $1000 investment would become a fortune of a million now!

No one can say, who are these lucky guys, as this cryptocurrency is hard to trace. But here is the list of those who don’t hide behind the numbers and let the world know who keeps the largest stake in bitcoin. Check the list of bitcoin early adopters who have become millionaires as a result of the digital currency rapid growth.

Barry Silbert, Venture Capitalist – $280 million

Barry Silbert is one of those long-time players in the bitcoin market цho made huge investment into this cryptocurrency in the times when the public opinion was that only a psycho would do such a crazy thing. In 2014, he purchased 48,000 bitcoins in a 2nd auction held by the U.S. Marshals Service for about $350 per coin. It means that now his stake can be worth about $280 million.

Silbert is now planning to build a rival financial product to the Winklevoss ETF. Most likely his fortune makes up much more than those 48,000 Bitcoins that he won at that auction.

Tim Draper, Venture Capitalist – $175 million

In 2014, a billionaire Tim Draper made a good bet that made his name printed in the list of famous venture capitalists. He invested purchased 30,000 Bitcoins in an auction organized by the U.S. Marshals Service.

These bitcoins were taken away from the drug lord Ross Ulbricht, so their initial source is a dark story. Draper never told how much money he paid for this amount of digital currency, but at that time the bitcoin market price was something about $600. Know the price is almost 10 times bigger and Draper’s digital savings make up about $165 million.

Roger Ver – $52 Million

Some people are so fond of Bitcoin that they can’t help but share their joy with the others. Bitcoin millionaire Roger Ver has invested some of his wealth into spreading the word of Bitcoin around the world. He was even nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus” for his generosity. The greatest wish of his life is to make Bitcoin rival fiat currencies. The first investment he has ever made was in favor for his friend’s company BitInstant which makes him the first Bitcoin startup investor.

Ver was quite successful as an entrepreneur long before getting into this Bitcoin Madness. Now being a millionaire he has donated millions to charity.

Ross Ulbricht, the FBI – $835 million

Bitcoin has all the chances to change the world in the nearest 10 years. However, Bitcoin just like any other coin has a sinister side. The transactions made with the digital currency are almost impossible to track, which provides very good assistance to all the types of black markets related with drug-selling, contraband and other illegal services. The first market of this sort was the Silk Road, which was created by Dread Pirate Roberts who was the Bitcoin millionaire long before its price was worth $1000.

In September 2013, the FBI tracked this black market down. Their research brought them to Ross Ulbricht, who was later sentenced till the end of his days for drug selling and money laundering. All his Bitcoin savings, which totaled 144,000 Bitcoins ($835 mln), were taken away by FBI.

Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin Inventor

A man known as Satoshi Nakamoto is known to be the creator of this digital currency ever since his 2008 white paper. But nobody can say for sure who he really is. Most likely there is a whole group of enthusiasts working under this pseudonym.

Satoshi has never said a word in public, but it is believed that he owns huge numbers of Bitcoin wallets. It is known that his wealth makes up about 1.1 million Bitcoins which is more than 6 trillion of dollars.

Will he ever get out of the shadows and show his real face? The time will show.


So this is the least all the top Bitcoin millionaires whose names are known in the world. These guys were brave enough to make their initial investments in the early days of Bitcoin and now they have made a really good fortune.But is it possible to become a Bitcoin millionaire if you purchase a good amount of this digital currency right now? Share your thoughts in the comments!