Mira is a software suite that is set to make buying, holding and sending cryptocurrencies easy and accessible to everyone. It’s main product is MiraBox, a password-protected container with cryptocurrencies that can be downloaded, sent, or kept on a computer or a usb drive as a regular file, which makes it as easy and safe to use as cash. Any person with zero level of technical expertise can start using it straight away.

Mira is raising funding for further platform development, offering to buy their tokens during presale on 27-29 November with a 40% discount and the price of 1 MIRA at 0.6$. The main tokensale is in February, when MIRA is going to cost 1$. I chose this project as an example of an excellent investment opportunity because I really believe in their product. I’ve been following their development for a while and think they have all chances for success. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are surging in price and popularity. It is expected that their market size will reach $2,902.0 million by 2023 from $541.0 million in 2017.

Despite all the risks, Investing in cryptocurrency projects right now is a really good idea. What makes me think that is the reports that calculate the average ICO returns as 1,320% and ROI statistics on the past projects that started like Mira:

Project nameICO Token priceExchange token priceReturn
Lunyr ICO $1.6 $4.6 $3
Plutus ICO $1.1 $6.8 $5.7
TaaS ICO $2 $4.4 $2.4
Mira ICO $1 Your profit

To join Mira’s presale with a 40% bonus just go to miralab.io and leave your email address to get notifications and instructions on how to participate. If you have any questions you can ask them in the Telegram chat