The South Korean broadcast TV station, Asia Economic TV, has broadcasted a reality show where 2 movie actors were challenged to live only on Bitcoin for 7 days each. The loose translation for the name of this show sounds like “Stay alive for a week with bitcoin.” Two participants live in two countries where the level of Bitcoin adoption is very different.

Kim Bo-sung, an actor who has starred in 34 movies and 13 TV series according to Wikipedia, spent a week in South Korea. He was showed using Bitcoin currency to pay at an optician’s office, a campground, a florist and a chiropractor. He often found it difficult to find a place that accepted Bitcoins.

His vis-a-vis, Yun Song-ah (8 movies and 10 TV dramas), has been living on another side of the world, in San Francisco, US. She found living on digital currency much easier as she was able to easily find different stores that accepted Bitcoin and ATMs to exchange the digital currency for dollars.

The producers and operator followed each of the participants during a week while they were trying to spend Bitcoin on food, travel, shelter and other activities.

The ultimate goal was to show completely different survival styles as San Francisco is one the cities with the highest level of Bitcoin adoption while South Korea stays on another shore.