Russia just completed its first blockchain implementation as a government. Sberbank announced their partnership with FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service) to put in place a blockchain based system to send and store documents.

Local sources report this to be the first time a government has been directly involved with the technology.

Andrey Tsarikovskiy, the deputy of FAS said of wider implications:

“We are opening new areas for the economy by embracing technology. Launching this system not only makes us first in the world but also pioneers of the blockchain as a practical tool for growth.”

The Russian government has been showing interest in the blockchain over time. Early this year, President Vladimir Putin met Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s CEO on the same. In August, VEB, also owned by the state, signed a contract with Vitalik’s company to create blockchain education programs.

Surprisingly, the government still remains strict on the use of cryptocurrency for their citizens.