Nvidia has changed the license agreement for their software to stop data centers from using it unless they are mining cryptocurrencies.

In the update, the GPU maker emphasized the limitation to “blockchain processings” activities:

“Datacenters may not use our software except in blockchain processing.”

Nvidia’s products alongside their rival AMD have been precious to miners in the recent months. The increasing demand has benefited chip manufacturers with Nvidia boasting of $2.23 billion in profits by the June 2017. This was a 56% increase from the year before and $280 million above their projections.

Denied the permission, data centers will have to use more expensive products to run their operations. A GeForce card ranges in the $700s while another app like the Tesla V100 runs at $10 000 creating a significant gap.

The GeForce GPU was, after all, designed for individuals and not huge companies.