The CEO of JPMorgan Chase reportedly repents saying bitcoin is a “fraud,” but he is still not sold on cryptocurrencies.

Speaking to FOX business, Dimon said:

“I always thought of the bitcoin like government’s will when it continues to grow. It is a different opinion alright, but I am not even interested in the subject.”

Jamie Dimon referred to bitcoin as a fraud in Sep. 12 2017, saying that he would fire any cryptocurrency trader he found out.

At the time Macquarie’s senior analyst pushed back on the opinion.

Viktor Shvets, an employee at Macquarie, wrote on the subject saying that despite “extreme speculation,” bitcoin was built to last.

Dimon said that he didn’t want to talk bitcoin anymore after his comment. Soon after, however, he submitted that bitcoin traders would face the consequences of their stupid decision to buy it.

While the man still shuns bitcoin as a subject, he had good things to say about the blockchain technology.