This is a very sad story about an Italian man named Guido. In 2010, he first found out about Bitcoin and mined himself some. He quickly forgot about it afterwards and got rid of his old computer details as he didn’t expect this cryptocurrency to grow much.

3 years later, in 2014 he noticed in the news feed that Bitcoin’s price has grown significantly and was completely shocked “how a small virtual coin mined by computers could have reached that amount of money”. He searched for his old bitcoins all over, but with no success. He tried some investments afterwards, but had no success either.

“Since that day I regret every single minute of my life, I could have changed it forever, helping my family and my friends,” he says. “I never thought about being a millionaire and I don’t want to, but – damn – 20€ in 2010 and now my life could have been different. I cannot sleep and now I’m seeing a psychologist to help me out, but nothing. I keep regretting every single moment.”

Now that Bitcoin is well above $5,000, Guido feels even worse.

“I’m so bad at decision making that I can’t even end my life.”

He’s become really addicted to the numbers in his wallet, but no one of his friends and relatives understands him. They try to persuade him to move on with his life, but he sees no point in that and really needs some emotional help.

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