On the Confido ICO website which was unavailable last week now there’s a message from the advocacy agency Jonkers Van Gemert. The message states that the project didn’t aim to cheat investors and most likely much of the investments will be refunded.

As we told on our website, the website of Confido, which raised $374,000, was unavailable last week and deleted all the information from its social accounts on Twitter, Reddit and Medium.

On the 2nd of November, Confido representative published a message on Reddit where he confessed that he had no idea of what had happened. At the same time, a message was posted on the ICO’s medium blog where some issues with the law were mentioned. However, it was deleted soon after publishing.

The project offered its investors safe peer-to-peer transactions based on smart contracts. On the 14th of November the price was about $1.2 per coin, however, on the 20th of November it fell by 95% and was $0.03 per coin. The Confido market cap was more than $10 mln for some time, but now it’s a little bit more than $120,000.