The Swiss government has launched a group to look into regulation around blockchain ICOs and startups.

Headed by Ueli Mausrer, the Finance minister and Johann Schneider-Ammann, the minister for Education, the task force includes local and federal officials. There are also some members of several blockchain startups.

The group will work alongside the State Secretariat to examine the ICOs legal guidelines.

“Other industries outside crypto finance have embraced the blockchain. What they need is liberal regulation to expand our opportunities and reduce risks,” said Schneider-Amman.

Switzerland has always accommodated blockchain startups and organizations, no wonder they are home to “Crypto Valley.”

Also, the government’s council proposed a regulatory haven last year to encourage more blockchain startups.

The sandbox would monitor the development of new models for doing business, inspired by financial tech. The government announced their desire to see more operations from other countries build their bases there.

The group is scheduled to meet on 12th of January 2018.