Blockchain platform EtherSport designed for conducting online sports lottery has recently finished Pre-ICO and now launches token sale, that will take place between November 22 and December 21. All-in-all the ICO will consist of 4 steps. The platform uses innovative blockchain-based technologies which makes it different from traditional analogues. There’s a discount available in the first hours of ICO.

Anyone taking part in the EtherSport ICO will get a respective amount of EtherSport currency named ESC. It can later be used within the EtherSport system to conduct different operations, such as buying lottery tickets or investing with 15% dividents.

The competitive advantage of EtherSport is its transparency as it allows to view and verify every aspect of the lottery. Also, it is decentralized and it can’t be changed and compromised after the lottery smart contract is deployed.

“EtherSport has a clear and understandable source of drawing results, and everyone is able to follow this process, and EtherSport’s input threshold is only $1, so practically anyone in the world can buy a lottery ticket and have equal chance to hit the jackpot. Also, the system itself will be open-source, the smart contract and lottery bank collection and distribution code will be accessible on GitHub,” says Alex Tsymbal, CEO of EtherSport.

The detailed whitepaper, conditions, roadmap and team can be found on the EtherSport website, which will be used for the ESC token sale.