According to Mark Cuban’s twitter, it will soon be possible to buy Maverick’s NBA tickets with bitcoin.

The owner of The Dallas Mavericks will not be the first one to start taking bitcoin payments. The Sacramento Kings began the same in 2014.

Cuban has not been quiet about digital currencies. He has not only invested in ICOs, but he also launched Mercury Protocol, an ethereum based crypto in August last year.

However, his view on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain has shifted severally within 2017. In June, he called bitcoin a bubble but claimed the blockchain to be the future of finance in October.

Additionally, Cuban, in his video guide “how to get rich,” included a tip for viewers to invest in bitcoin.

“If you are adventurous, you want to put 10 percent in ethereum or bitcoin,” he said.

The cryptocurrency market is at a difficult time but gaining recognition from people like Thiel, Zuckerberg, and Cuban is a sign that it may grow in future.