The financial tech company CyberTrust announced the start of pre-ICO. Token sale will consist of 2 stages: pre-sale from November 29 through December 3, the full ICO sale from December 5 through January 5.

Based by American and Russian entrepreneurs, CyberTrust offers securitization of crypto currencies. The main purpose of the project is to “turn Bitcoin into securities” to promote the digital token’s integration into traditional banking infrastructures.

CyberTrust’s main token is called CABS and it will be used for purchasing and holding derivatives and for creating financial products to be utilized by banks and financial institutions.

All together, the project aims to issue 600,000 tokens as the price of 0,6 ETH. The tokens can also be exchanged for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and fiat currencies. There are multiple bonuses available for early investors. One of such bonuses implies granting 0.5% on all the tokens sold via referral links till the end of the ICO.

The CABS tokens will be traded on the biggest crypto exchanges, such as C2CX, where the tokens will be available starting from the 6th of January 2018.

CyberTrust official website: