The Central Bank of Europe is seeking for answers from the public on digital currencies and other topics for the third edition of the Youth Dialogue.

Announcing on Thursday, ECB asked Facebook and Twitter users to inquire about the possibility of a world economic crisis, the economy of Europe, the blockchain and crypto. They listed some questions as examples of what they are expecting.

In another tweet, the bank sited bitcoin as a potential topic, specifically on whether it can replace traditional fiat currencies.

People asking the questions are to do so up to the 23rd of January through Facebook and Twitter.

Mario Draghi, the president of the bank, is to respond through a series of videos on the 12th of February.

The bank may be highlighting the topic, but Draghi commented on the matter severally in the past. He thought that bitcoin has a little impact on the economy of Europe. He also mentioned that he doesn’t believe digital currencies are mature enough to withstand regulation.