Ever since Bitcoin has been released in 2009 it has been gaining popularity over the years. Now it’s more popular than it has ever been, and partially this is because certain celebrities and famous wealthy people support and endorse it. So here is the list of high profile Bitcoin users.

1. Bill Gates

The creator of the world known IT corporation has always been a fan of the new technologies. Bitcoin is not an exclusion.

2. Mike Tyson

The famous sportsmen really likes the idea of Bitcoin and he often talks about it. Moreover, he uses it as a source of additional income for himself. There’s a number of branded Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATMs near the Las Vegas strip. Also he has united with some online Bitcoin companies to create a Bitcoin wallet service.

3. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is not only a well-known face of the cinematography, but he’s also one of the earliest celebrity adopters of Bitcoin. He’s always been a great fan of the virtual currency and he’s been talking about it ever since 2013. Also he encourages his fans to purchase Bitcoin and thus makes it even more popular.

4. Warren Buffett

Warren is one of the largest names on Wall Street in the United States and he’s really fond of the new digital currency.

5. Nas

Nas is well-known in the rapper circles and he often talks about the digital currency in the positive key. He’s fond of it as it isn’t regulated by the government and it has some self-regulation processes. He’s never going to trust the government, so he endorses Bitcoin as the best solution for anyone who feels the same.

6. Julian Assange

Assange is known as the person who has created Wikileaks. He thinks that Bitcoin is something that is going to be really popular in the nearest future due to thebalances and incentives for this digital currency.

7. Mel B

The singer who used to be a member of the Spice Girls began to use Bitcoin in order to get in touch with her fans and let them play in more ways than they did in the past.

8. Peter Thiel

The co-founder of Paypal is also very positive about Bitcoin. He believes that the new digital currency has all the chances to change the world in the very same way that the real money did once.

9. Ben Bernanke

You may be surprised to find out that the former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve would support the digital currency that is not regulated by the government anyhow. But Bernanke is a real bitcoin fan and supports all sorts of virtual currencies in case they can make people’s lives easier.

10. Richard Branson

British investor is eager to jump into any adventure that would help him to earn more money. In an interview he said that if people wanted to travel to space, they would be better off paying with bitcoins, rather than investing real money in a rival to his Virgin Galactic company.

So these are the top 10 famous people who did all their best to make Bitcoin the most popular digital currency nowadays. We’re sure that we will hear much more about Bitcoin from the celebrities and businessmen in the nearest months as this virtual currency is spreading all over the world.