Less than a month has passed since Bitcoin Cash was released, and now Bitcoin announces another fork, the Super Bitcoin (SBTC), to be launched this December. The plan is to release it as block #498888 with the initial rate SBTC to BTC as 1:1.

Li Xiaolai, a Chinese bitcoin magnat and quite a controversial person, is the author of the project. Apart from Super Bitcoin, Li is thas also launched such ICO projects as ICO.info, EOS and PressOne this year.

Particularly, the PressOne gathered $550 mln in just 3 days even without any whitepaper and was given a “scam” label by Chinese mass media. After Chinese ban of ICOs in September he publicly apologized for misleading crypto newbies and was safely forgotten by the community.

Now with the new ICO launch his personality is brought to the spotlight once more. The project has totally 21,210,000 SBTC with only 210,000 of them premined and will be used for early development.

Li has also revealed his future hard fork projects, Bitcoin Century and Bitcoin Diamond, which he calls “initial fork offerings”.

“Initial fork offerings have become an innovative way to raise funds. But a premine is more like a scam instead of trying to make bitcoin great again,” says Jiang.