January 16, as it deserved, was named Black Tuesday in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin and Altcoins lost over 40 percent in market capitalization that day in pair with regulatory uncertainty in South Korea and China.

It’s safe to say that the FUD is to blame in this black day for the markets, even worse than the huge price correction on December, after Bitcoin had hit an all-time high of $20,000.

The crypto community, as usual, started twitting around.

Canadian user Armin van Bitcoin posted a graph comparing similar corrections in the price of Bitcoin in January for the past four years.

Another user turned this observation upside down and claimed that after the storm always comes a clearer, brighter morning.

HodlWhale suggests why traders were merely taking profit for the first time this year.

Jason Calacanis made a short list of notifications for every trader.

VergeLife considered what led to mass FUD in the market.

And finally, as Jeroen Blokland tweeted, Bitcoin is still up over 1,000 percent since January 2017.