The company that issues the ad blocking software Adguard has made the analysis of top 100,000 websites for the scripts that mine cryptocurrency. The study helps to reveal that more than half a milliard people have been involved in crypto-mining and haven’t even been aware of what has been happening. The average website with such a script earns about $43,000 in a 3-week-period that was taken for estimation.

“We looked for the codes for Coinhive and JSEcoin, the most popular solutions for browser mining in use now,” Meshkov wrote. The analysis revealed that 220 of these websites have been using crypto-mining scripts. The four most targeted countries are the U.S., India, Russia, and Brazil”, said Andrey Meshkov, the co-founder and CTO of Adguard.

He added, that most of these websites were TV and video sites, torrent trackers and websites with adult content. The video-websites are especially good for mining, as the users keep them open for a long period of time while watching a video.

He also suggested that “the ethical way for a website to earn money by mining through its audience’s computers is to ask the audience for permission first, and to allow them the possibility to opt out. Actually, such a practice could make mining even more ethical than ads. After all, nobody asks us if we would like to see ads on a website”.

And what do you think? Will the browser mining replace advertising after all? Share your thoughts in the comments!