How Bitcoin ruined my life

An Italian Redditor Rengade naming himself Guido first found out about Bitcoin in 2010 and mined some coins at that time. But as he didn’t expect the digital currency to grow, he totally forgot about it and purchased a new PC with a new hard drive in a couple of years.

However, when in 2014 Bitcoin significantly rose in price, Guido turned his attention to it one more time. “I was shocked how a small virtual coin mined by computers could have reached that amount of money. I had some Bitcoins and searched all over, but nothing, not a single 0.000000001.”

He tried investing some money then, too, but he wasn’t very successful.

“Since that day i regret every single minute of my life,i could have change it forever, helping my family and my friends. I never thought about being a millionaire and I don’t want to, but – damn – 20€ in 2010 and now my life could have been different. I cannot sleep (…) and now i’m seeing a psychologist to help me out, but nothing. I keep regretting every single moment.”

Now that Bitcoin is almost $9,000 worth he feels himself even worse. He thinks that his life is absolutely ruined now and can’t think of anything else, but of those coins he had lost. Perhaps, he may even need some psychological help:

“I don’t really know I’m not here to beg for Bitcoins, I’m trying to find some emotional help because I can’t really keep on living.”


Successful investor

Redditor cryptocomicon proved to be less nervous and inclined to panic when it came to cryptocurrency trading.

“Several years ago I watched Bitcoin climb from $20 to $256 and then crash. I wanted to buy during the run up, but could not pull the trigger. After the crash I waited to see if Bitcoin would die, but it did not, so I read the whitepaper and was immediately hooked.”

That’s when he started purchasing bitcoin at about $95 per 1 BTC and stopped when it reached $330. After that, he sold about ¼ of his savings making about $1,020 profit per 1 coin as its price spiked to $1,200. “At that point I owned about 220 BTC free and clear.”

Then he made some more successful investments:

“I’ve been accumulating, mostly in the 220 – 280 range during this extended correction. Bitcoin is 2.6 percent of my net worth. Home equity is 70 percent, gold bullion 16 percent and silver bullion is seven percent. Of these I see the home equity as by far the most risky.”

Now Cryptocomicon is a huge fan of Bitcoin and promotes it wherever he can. He hopes that if any new financial crisis hits, Bitcoin will “come out of this chaos as a huge winner.”